Flat Earth Flight Times And Transversal Resonance

Flat Earth & Thought

Why are things different “down south”? Why does an apparent contradiction exist between flights along southern lines of latitude vs those along northern lines of latitude? A flight pattern such as this,


should take longer on the Flat Earth, geometrically speaking, than one taken along opposite northern lines of latitude. Because, as spherists argue, lines of latitude increase the farther you move away from the center of the disk in any direction. For example:

Flat Earth South distance 13

Spherists believe that lines of latitude and longitude look like this on a ball earth:

flat earth latitude

In this compelling piece, the author compares the increase in Flat Earth distances along southern lines of latitude, with known flight times recorded in these regions. A flight that travels east to west along southern portions of the disk, should take longer given the greater distance, than flights along corresponding latitudes in the north. As this article attempts to demonstrate,


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One thought on “Flat Earth Flight Times And Transversal Resonance

  1. This has reached a new level of stupidity. Philosophy, pah! Tell me the moral reason why NASA and every other space agency will lie to us.


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