Flat Earth Flight Times And Transversal Resonance

Why are things different “down south”? Why does an apparent contradiction exist between flights along southern lines of latitude vs those along northern lines of latitude? A flight pattern such as this,



should take longer on the Flat Earth, geometrically speaking, than one taken along opposite northern lines of latitude. Because, as spherists argue, lines of latitude increase the farther you move away from the center of the disk in any direction. For example:


Flat Earth South distance 13


Spherists believe that lines of latitude and longitude look like this on a ball earth:


flat earth latitude


In this compelling piece, the author compares the increase in Flat Earth distances along southern lines of latitude, with known flight times recorded in these regions. A flight that travels east to west along southern portions of the disk, should take longer given the greater distance, than flights along corresponding latitudes in the north. As this article attempts to demonstrate,


 flat earth south distance


distance geometrically increases the farther south you go on the Flat Earth. Yet known flight times recorded by numerous travelers confirm that traveling a set distance (say 200 miles) from point A to point B in the south, takes the exact same amount of time as 200 miles traveled in the north. On a Flat Earth, this phenomenon should not be possible. At face value, it seems that this could only occur on a spherical earth, as the distance along northern and southern lines of latitude mirror each other on a sphere:


Flat Earth South distance 20

These observations seem like strong rebuttals to Flat Earth Theory. And while the Flat Earth synthesis stands as strong as ever, it is important to address mainstream concerns with intuitively based knowledge. Unlike scientific dogma, Flat Earth Theory ONLY makes inferences regarding the existence of unobserved phenomena when such inferences are backed by the totality of observational evidence. A quick look at our Q&A, Evidence, and Resources pages should provide more than a basic exposure to the sheer amount of evidence supporting Flat Earth Theory.

One of the primary theoretical forces underlying Flat Earth Theory, Universal Acceleration can account for many seemingly inexplicable natural phenomena. A current of magnetic force that moves through the universe, the UA acts upon large objects (such as earth) that have sufficient surface area, propelling them upwards through the void of space. Combined with the Obligate Tendency, the earth finds itself structurally locked between two opposing forces: one exerting an upwards push, the other a simultaneous downwards pull.


Due to Universal Acceleration, it is entirely possible that both the speed and volume of material objects is non uniform across the disk.

I propose that the Earth resonates with the Universal Accelerator as it is carried upwards through space, thus affecting the speed and material volume of any given object relative to its geographic location. I propose the causal mechanism of these phenomena is due to 

Zones 4


Picture in your mind the cylindrical disk of the earth locked within the inexorable force of cosmic magnetism, moving constantly upwards. Earth itself is composed of numerous heavy metals and countless other conductive elements. Moving through the magnetic field of the UA would not only generate Earth’s magnetic field, it would generate Transversal Energy pathways through the planet itself. “Transversal” refers to the nexus points at which different magnetic pathways meet, generating unseen energy fields across the surface of the disk.

This energy impacts matter on a fundamental level.

  • Objects located on northern portions of the disk, have a total spatial volume that is proportionately less than the total volume of objects in the south.


  • Both volume and speed increase the farther south an object is.


  • Transversal Resonance acts gradually along a spectrum, starting from the center of the disk (the north pole) and radiating outward like spokes on a wheel.


At the fundamental molecular level, matter itself expands as you move south across the disk, and contracts when you move north again. Speed also increases and decreases relative to our north/south location, as well as the size and composition of light waves. Measuring the force of Transversal Resonance (TR) is impossible, as any instruments we use to perform measurements (along with our sensory organs themselves) are all simultaneously acted upon by TR across the disk. You could measure your speed with a speedometer when moving from north to south, but the speedometer itself changes in volume as you move. Thus, it would never be able to track the fundamental shift…

Keeping the idea of a gradual gradient in mind, Transversal Resonance can be represented like this:

Flat Earth South distance 11

Flat Earth South distance 10

Flat Earth South distance 12


The gradual zones impact physical phenomena in demonstrably observable ways. For example, why are southern summers far colder than northern summers, despite the fact that spherists believe that the ball earth is closer to the sun during southern summers? This picture illustrates what round earth believers think regarding earth’s seasonal relation to the sun:


As the picture shows, during southern summers the earth is closer to the sun by about 3 million miles! And yet unlike the south, the north actually has a summer:



The arctic (north) experiences comparatively warm summers. While the Antarctic (south), despite being CLOSER to the sun during summertime stays frozen. The globe model is obviously flawed.

However, if the proposed Flat Earth phenomenon of Transversal Resonance is accurate, the increase in volume of snow and ice in the far south along with the increase in wind speeds, would easily explain its comparatively cold climate. Consistent with what we observe regarding southern winters, TR’s gradual increase of southern volume/speed can be thought of like this:

Flat Earth South distance 14


With each color coded symbol representing a point on the Flat Earth, moving outwards from the center corresponds to a specific increase in both volume and speed at each successive location:


Flat Earth South distance 14

And rather than contradicting what we see regarding southern winters, it actually supports the idea of a continually frozen south. Greater volume of snow and ice, and faster winds cause colder temperatures. Its that simple!  Round earth belief has no way of explaining the obvious inconsistencies of its own confused theories. It cannot explain southern summers, nor can it propose a single idea without contradicting itself somewhere else.

If TR Existed, It Should Have Been Measured Right?

This is a question skeptics will likely ask. And for good reason. Intuitively, one would think that the speed of a race car in the north could be simultaneously measured and compared with the speed of a race car driving at the same time 2000 miles south. But remember, moving south increases both the volume and speed of objects relative to their distance from the center of the disk. This means that the instruments themselves which you use to measure these changes will increase as they move with you. The volume of your body’s sensory organs would change too. You will never be able to quantify the change as your means of measuring it simultaneously change alongside the thing you attempt to measure. And TR happens along a gradual gradient that affects light as well, meaning you could never observe the phenomenon through a telescope. For example:


Flat Earth South distance 15

Relative to you the observer, both the size and composition of light waves is fluid. It changes. The size of light itself depends upon your location on the disk. As the illustration above (and below) shows, where you stand determines the size and composition of light your eyes receive. Moving outwards from the north, light increases in size. Moving from the south back to the north decreases it in size. And from where you stand, the light entering your eyes when looking southwards is proportionately smaller than the distant southerly object you look towards. (Remember, the only reason we see objects in the first place is due to light reflecting from an object and entering our eyes). Relative to the observer, this makes smaller objects in the north look comparatively larger, and larger objects in the south comparatively smaller. Thus, from the position of the observer, the light (mediated by TR) makes differently sized objects appear equal. You can picture it roughly like this:


Flat Earth South distance 17


This is why no obvious size difference is apparent, even though size (due to increase in volume) varies widely from north to south. The light our eyes receive distorts the actual size of objects. Remember TR changes both you and everything around you as you move across the disk. Going south, things get bigger, but so does your body. The energy pathways that form the basis of Transversal Resonance change the spatial structure of matter itself, while also changing the immaterial structure of light, explaining why we can’t perceive changes in size.

We cannot directly observe the phenomenon of TR as it does not represent incontrovertible knowledge, such as our ability to plainly see the Flat horizon. But it does follow from what we know, and unlike gravity it is consistent with other observed phenomena.


inverted moon


The Transversal mechanics of light are consistent with what we observe regarding differences in the appearance of the moon. As the above picture shows, when compared with pictures taken in the north with pictures taken in the south, the moon appears inverted:

What could cause this phenomenon? The relative perspective of observers standing at opposite ends of a sphere earth as shown here?


moon flat earth


Or the internally consistent notion of TR? Obviously, Transversal Resonance is the more compelling explanation. The north/south distortion of light could easily invert the appearance of the moon relative to northern/southern observers. Like southern summers, the phenomenon of the inverted moon makes more sense from the perspective of Flat Earth Theory and Transversal Resonance.

Transversal Resonance Explains The Absence of Discrepancies In Southern Flight Times



As the above animation shows, Transversal Resonance effectively closes the gap in what would otherwise be a massive discrepancy between southern and northern flight times. As a general rule of thumb we can say, the time it takes to travel 500 miles in the north equals the time it takes to travel 4000 miles in the south (when moving in a more or less east or west direction). However, these differences in volume/speed are not apparent as the effects of TR make them seem equal (relatively speaking) to an observer.

These forces mean that even the fuel inside an aircraft increases along with the aircraft itself. This is why we can’t measure TR through the amount of fuel a plane uses. The larger volume of the airplane causes it to use more fuel, cancelling out the amount of fuel gained. Remember, EVERYTHING INCREASES IN VOLUME AND SPEED WHEN MOVING SOUTH ALONG THE DISK. The force of TR exists, we just don’t see it.

While compelling, Transversal Resonance does not represent an instance of certain knowledge. TR explains a lot, and is consistent with observed phenomena such as cold Antarctic summers and inverted photos of the moon. But it is still (and always will be) a proposition, a good guess which aims to connect the dots between other things we know for certain. In this way, TR represents a synthesis of knowledge. By unifying observations of nature that seem unrelated, the proposition not only explains why things happen, it reconciles phenomena that seem contradictory. In this way, it is firmly rooted in the demonstrably observable realities of Flat Earth Theory…




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7 thoughts on “Flat Earth Flight Times And Transversal Resonance

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  2. What a hilarious load of bollocks.

    The Southern hemisphere is actually milder than the Northern hemisphere, which is to do with the differing land/ocean ratios. Antarctica is only an exception, which is very cold due to its albedo, continentality, isolation and elevation.

    Furthermore, if everything actually grew larger and moved faster as we moved south, we wouldn’t have any ocean in the Northern Hemisphere — due to the centrofugal force and gravitational pull of an enormous Antarctica

    I think people who believe in a flat earth should really retake high school Geography.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So, I live in NZ where, according to Traversal Resonance, all our computers, machinery and people move faster. This phenomenon can not be measured by the very nature that the measuring devices would also be affected. Is that correct?

    So what happens when I Facetime my family in the UK or watch a live football match in the US? Traversal Resonance naturally slows down/speeds up the video?
    And if I record my self jumping in a lake and physically take that recording to the US it will appear normal because everything runs relative to the speed of Traversal Resonance?

    I assume TR also effects gravity? A housefly which beats its wings 1000 per second to stay in the air. Of course in reality it is 5x faster in Australia but we can’t measure it. Is this true?

    If everything increases at a ‘molecular’ level I ‘grow’ in size as I move rimwards but that’s okay because clothing and analogue measuring devises, like a ruler, must ‘grow’ too. And everything, regardless of their atomic structure, grows at the same proportion as everything else. So a diamond grows as I do.

    Seems legit.


  4. God, I love this FE hoax. And I admire to what length people elaborate on “theories” fished from thin air to let it look like it’s even based on a sort of science…


  5. …or, the Earth is a sphere.

    as for, “Unlike scientific dogma, Flat Earth Theory ONLY makes inferences regarding the existence of unobserved phenomena when such inferences are backed by the totality of observational evidence.” …two things here, absolutely no science is dogmatic. Scientific theories are refined and improved all the time – it’s just that the flat earth “theory” is so riddled with holes and glaring inconsistencies that nobody with sound reasoning would make the conclusion that it offers an improvement over the shape of the earth and all of the observed and unobserved “phenomena” (maybe you should switch to using the word “magic”). Secondly, Flat Earth Theory ONLY makes inferences on what they can see out the window.

    You live on a ball, get used to it.


  6. …oh, sorry, I actually meant the Flat Earth proponents, who go to great lengths to make up “theories” based on nothing more than the will not to admit to be living on a sphere….and that all that follows from that fact is beyond their level of understanding….
    ……rereading my previous, I see a possibility for a misunderstanding…
    And I still think it might be a very elaborated hoax


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