Round Earth, Flat Earth, and Perihelion

How does the spherical earth survive its 67,000mph headlong dash through space?

It doesn’t.

Or more precisely, it wouldn’t.

The earth is Flat, cylindrical in overall structure, and moves upwards through space at a modest speed due to Universal Acceleration. A newcomer to the theoretical landscape of cosmic reality, modern Flat Earth Theory (FET) is quickly moving to replace the outdated methodologies of mainstream science. Science is inherently circular. FET is not. In taking a new theoretical approach to an understanding of material reality, FET seeks to expose the problems inherent to round earth belief.

One of the most glaring conceptual flaws that undermine heliocentric notions of planetary motion, perihelion and aphelion represents a systematic blow to the idea that the earth moves around the sun.

Spherists believe that the ball earth moves around the sun in an ellipse, along an orbital path something like this:


However, by spherist standards, this type of orbit would make life on earth impossible. Consider for a moment the spherist (round earther) response to basic common sense arguments like “if the earth is round and spinning at 1000mph, we would be flung off.” The round earther invariably replies: “relative motion. Relative motion and the laws of inertia and gravity make it such that any object resting on the Earth’s surface, is moving at the same speed as the earth itself. It’s the same reason you don’t fly back when you jump on a moving bus…

Ignoring the conceptual issues with this argument, lets say for a moment that the round earthers are right. And that relative motion as they imagine it really does affect bodies in nature. If so, by the very rules of the spherists themselves, the existence of perihelion along an elliptical orbit would make life impossible. In its yearly course around the sun, the sharp turn as the ball earth approaches perihelion at 67,000mph should eject all life from Earth’s surface. Imagine a roller coaster with sharp loops, twists, and turns. Now imagine if the ride’s operator said, “you don’t need restraints: relative motion, inertia, and gravity will hold you down.” Without a doubt, everyone would avoid that ride.

So why don’t the same rules apply to the ball earth? Examine this illustration depicting perihelion and aphelion:



The orbital path demonstrably shows a sharp turn at either end of the ellipse. If a massive, spheroid earth really made such a sharp turn while moving at 67,000mph the physical effects on the planet would be devastating. Besides being flung of like an unbelted roller coaster patron, the very structure of Earth itself would strain under the angular momentum. Tectonic plates would quake, sky scrapers would fall. Oceans would bulge to one side and then subside, causing massive devastation as Tsunamis and floods. Yet according to the spherists, Earth encounters a turn such as this TWICE every year. And magically, we feel nothing. Not even rocks like these fall over:


The spherist natural framework stretches credulity. A multitude of contradictory assumptions such as these riddles the claims of scientific methodology. In its overzealous desire to explain the universe in its own image, science misses its own simple and obvious mistakes. It fails to recognize its own inconsistencies. The strength of Planar Theory (Flat Earth Theory) consists in the fluid nature of its theoretical framework. It is not a method. Planar Theory takes the empirical data of the senses at face value, using only the most concrete observational data as the basis for broader, more tentative inferences. This framework is pre eminently rational and empirical. It is a common sense merger of the mind and the senses. It forces clear minded thought, not belief


3 thoughts on “Round Earth, Flat Earth, and Perihelion

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  2. F=mv^2/r F=ma a=v^2/r The centrifugal acceleration due to earths rotation is 0.033m/s^2. The centrifugal acceleration due to earths orbit is 0.006m/s^2. Please learn to math.


    • Convenient. For the ball earth that is. As soon as any conceptual hole is shown to exist in round earth belief, the automatic response is “math of the gaps.” Move the goal posts, substitute in some math, and Shazam! Everything works. You do know that your sort of math is only a description of reality, right? Its not an explanation.


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