Proof Behind The Sun: Flat Earth Sunsets


The Obvious Does Not Lie…

Everyday, when someone observes nature with an open and inquisitive mind, perception is unanimous: The Earth Is Flat. One of the most apparent and enduring realities of nature, the sun demonstrates each evening what society chooses not to see. Whether crepuscular rays,


Or the fact that both Sun AND Moon are the same size in the afternoon sky,



Society stubbornly refuses to acknowledge Flat Earth Theory. This image demonstrates that the sun is smaller and much closer to he earth, where it orbits above its surface.




The picture also speaks volumes regarding the structure of earth’s atmosphere. Obviously, the atmosphere is layered, with clouds occurring both in front and behind the sun. Logically, the posterior (rear most) clouds are much larger and thicker than those occurring in front of the sun. We encounter nearby clouds while flying or climbing a tall mountain. The Sun orbits well beyond the nearest clouds, while the distant clouds are themselves well beyond the sun. Simply put, the structure of the atmosphere (from the ground up), follows the order of cloud, suncloud. Then, space…

So why don’t we often see clouds behind the sun during the afternoon? Upper atmosphere clouds (the thicker more distant ones) tend to occur along the more distant fringes of the disk of the earth. As the sun recedes in its daily orbit across the surface of the earth (causing the sun to set), the angle of light (relative to the observer) reflects from the earth, illuminating the distant “thick” clouds.

Of course, this oversimplification only serves to communicate the highly complex nature of the atmosphere. Until truly objective research motivated by Planar Theory becomes financially and socially possible, we are forced to work with the crude and biased findings of mainstream science. Even spherist research suggests a layered atmosphere. Yet such mainstream models fail woefully at explaining the existence of clouds that are visibly in front and behind the sun itself. For instance, consider this rebuttal to the images that show a nearby sun in front of distant clouds:



At face value this seems like a sound dismissal of the Nearby Sun Hypothesis. However, it makes a fundamental observational error: the power lines pictured are in fact closer to the camera lens. Why would these “bleed out”, when clouds obviously more distant than the power lines appear plainly and solidly in front of the sun? Why would nearby power lines be obliterated but not distant clouds? Clearly something is going on here. If you look at the picture, it’s easy to see a light whiff of cloud in front of the sun in the lower left hand quadrant; while a much thicker and darker portion of cloud situated in the lower right hand quadrant floats demonstrably behind the sun. We see clouds in front, and clouds behind. This rebuttal requires nothing more than open minded observation to refute.

Unfortunately, society (and science) is not open minded.


17 thoughts on “Proof Behind The Sun: Flat Earth Sunsets

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  2. Day 42 of my journey. I believe I have found the lowest of the low on the internet. Low life sum and unintelligent life form are all over the place. The ramble on about some belief. But why? So they can get just a couple people to believe what they believe? There’s no point to it. Btw the sun photos are Photoshoped. Brando out


    • You seem determined to view convincing arguments as nothing more than “ramble”. I truly hope that NO ONE ever, ever “believes” that the earth is Flat. Plenty of people “believe” bogus ideas. Whether its science, round earth, reptilians, chem trails, or creationism (the list goes on); each one of these worldviews is “believed” not “known”. If people used their most basic, everyday senses and empirically observed nature unaided by outside ideologies/methodologies, they would “know” what is real and see the Flat Earth for themselves. Rather than just believing it. These photos could be photoshoped. However, numerous sunset photos show clouds clearly situated behind the sun. Take the time to watch more sunsets with your loved ones: you might be surprised at what you observe.

      On a side note: I wish more spherists like yourself would cry (photoshop!) every time you see pictures of the ball earth. From year to year pictures of the earth show the continents in widely varying positions and sizes. Nasa clearly doctors what they call “indisputable fact”.


      • Why…why does it even matter. You would think that scientists or NASA would tell us that the world is flat there’s really nothing to hide. So if someone sailed to the end of the flat earth would they simply fall off?

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      • These are good questions, I’m glad you are asking them. Nasa earns $18 billion per year, all given by Congress under the assumption that Nasa explores outer space. It would be incredibly easy (and profitable) for a handful of individuals to perpetuate the round earth belief, in order to reap the benefits of a multi billion dollar industry.

        But social elites do not perpetuate round earth belief for profit alone. The globe lie is an important part of social structures. An elite few would be very invested in perpetuating society wide belief in the Religion of Science. Religion is a powerful tool in directing the energies (and ultimately the production) of the social masses. If the masses think along certain generalized patterns that you create, then what they produce and how they spend their money ultimately reinforces the social structures that you want to see reinforced. At its very core society is based on structures that perpetuate control. Control in turn perpetuates social structures. Today, as it has always been in advanced societies, control can only be achieved efficiently and bloodlessly if everyone thinks along similar lines of thought. As I said, Religion plays a major role. As belief in god has declined, society has gradually substituted science as the new religion. Sure, its different. But at the end of the day people go home from a long days work feeling just as liberated (and just as exhausted). The social elite profits. Telling everyone that the religion of science is predicated upon a massive lie, would fundamentally weaken the faith of the masses in their accustomed social structures. The elites would loose more than their profits.

        Regarding the edge of the earth:


      • What I don’t under stand is that if the flat earth model does exist then how are we not burnt by the sun which is so close and why if it is small enough that we are not burnt that it can supply light to half the globe. Such a small object can no way release enough light to light up half the world. Light is s a form of energy as well so saying the sun is not hot is not valid, such large amounts of light simply cannot be produced without extreme heat.


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  4. Science does not aim to establish immutable truths and eternal dogmas; its aim is to approach the truth by successive approximations, without claiming at any stage, final and completely accuracy has been achieved.
    – Bertrand Russell

    I am an open minded individual. I have been open to belief in some conspiracies however this is just blasphemous.
    There is no gain from the actuality that earth is round.

    FE people tend to be the most closed minded by immediate dismisal of any trace of proof that their idea is wrong.

    There is far more conclusive evidence that the world is spherical.
    The speed of light is quantifiable, read about it with an open mind.
    Basic understanding of general relativity will also provide ample proof of gravity and a round planet.


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