Flat Earth Flight Patterns


“If the earth is flat, trans Pacific flights from California to Australia should be impossible/much longer.”


The above question presupposes its own answer: round earth. It does not even consider the possibility that the earth IS Flat, and that flight times reflect that reality. Flight times take precisely the amount of time they do, because the earth is Flat. If we existed on a spherical earth, traveling from California to Australia would take way less time:

Flat earth pacific

If the earth were round, distances between any two points would become significantly smaller. However, given the fact that it is Flat, flight times take much longer:

flight path pacific

As can be seen, the distances between points on a Flat Earth are greater. These distances reflect the 15hr 30 minute flight time between California and Australia. If the earth were condensed into a spherical shape, not only would the earth’s surface area be smaller, all flights would take way less time.

Long flight times reflect a Planar Earth.

5 thoughts on “Flat Earth Flight Patterns

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  2. Wtf lol you didn’t even answer the question. Your logic makes no sense, even with a round earth the distance is still 5,000 miles. You didn’t even address the question. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck


  3. It takes 14 hours to get to Australia from California on a round earth. And if you would like me to prove gravity exists drop a pencil from everywhere in the world. Stupid Flat earthers


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