How Does Circumnavigation Work On The Flat Earth?


If the earth is Flat, then how is it possible to fly across the Pacific to North America, across the Atlantic to Europe, then across Asia back to the Pacific again? ALL IN A STRAIGHT LINE? This would only be possible on a globe, unless we reach the edge of your Flat Earth and teleport to the other side like Pacman…



This is a very common question (yes, even the Pacman part) regarding Flat Earth Theory. Basically, how can one travel in a straight line and end up exactly where they started out? If Earth is Flat, they should have fallen off the edge… However, there is an obvious (though unapparent) answer: navigational equipment.


Compasses and most other navigational equipment are built under the guiding assumption that magnetic north represents a central reference point, the point from which the device orients itself. But as a point of reference, magnetic north could also exist as the center point on a diskoid earth.


In this case, navigational equipment would lead navigators along the earth; not around it. A pilot that sets out from the east coast of North America, heading towards the west coast of Africa, travels in a distinct path along the disk Earth’s surface. He merely thinks that he is traveling part way round a globe. It is important to remember that every worldwide voyage utilizes some sort of navigational aid. Even ancient sailors used the stars. But stars or pieces of equipment each operate in relation to a frame of reference. It is perfectly possible to assume one reference frame and use it to get somewhere, when you are actually using another.

For example, imagine you are preparing a road trip. You program your GPS with a destination. You select “fastest route” because you want to arrive as soon as possible. Keep in mind that “fastest route” represents frame of reference as discussed above. However, when you finish programming your GPS imagine that you accidentally selected “scenic route” but didn’t notice. You go on your trip and get the best views of your life, and arrive at your destination all the same. The only thing that seems off: it’s a bit later than you expected. You navigated believing that you were using a “fast” reference frame. In reality, you traveled along different route and didn’t realize it.

The above analogy describes circumnavigation along the Flat earth. Travelers think they are going one way, when in fact they are traveling in way that is similar but different. Its all about assumptions. The shape of the earth is not the main issue.


9 thoughts on “How Does Circumnavigation Work On The Flat Earth?

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  2. So why hasn’t anyone from the flat Earth society just tried traveling south (away from the magnetic north) until hitting the edge? Wouldn’t this be the fastest way to prove your model?


    • Thanks for the question Connor. That would be true, except no one just “travels south” in a perfectly straight line, without a navigational aid like GPS or a compass. And all navigational aids are based upon spherist assumptions. Like my article mentions, you can programe your GPS to navigate along “fastest route”, but it mistakenly takes you along the “senic route”. You still reach your destination, but you unknowingly took the longer route. The same thing happens when navigating the Flat Earth. People assume they are moving round a sphere, but they are really going a different route along a disk. However, this just explains navigating the oceans. Once you reach the Antarctic ring of ice and tundra that surrouds the disk, conditions become progresively worse as you near the edge. This talks briefly about why travel to the edge has not yet happened…


      • But surely a team of people have attempted such a feat, if not where are you getting the data that it is impossible to travel to the edge. We should be able to mount an expedition to prove it one way or the other, to take vehicles specifically designed to handle the intense conditions of the frozen tundra (which exist already and are used by researchers who live down there) and travel until you either hit the edge of the outer encasing of ice or the other side of Antarctica, if what you have listed here is true and the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is lowered the further out you go, then you should probably bring space suits as well.


      • That might be possible if the technology for space suits actually existed. What we see portrayed as “space tech” is nothing more than Hollywood props. And regarding the Antarctic research stations that exist: its no coincidence that grants given for the kinds of research conducted do not entail long ranging expiditions accross the tundra.


      • so you are saying that if you were to wear a space suit into a deoxygenated and depressurized chamber you would still die? because you can do that test here on earth, which would prove that we do have the tech to stay alive in space for short periods of time at the very least.


      • The tests are done mostly at Johnson Space Center, they have a few vacuum chambers there where they test the suits, countless people have participated in the tests, from technicians and engineers to astronauts. I’m not sure how you could prove that they work from the Internet, you would have to go there an do a test yourself to see if they really work.


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