Flat Earth Principles: The Obligate Tendency Towards Downward Motion

And We ALL Fall Down…


But Why?

Because the inherent tendency of all unsupported objects is downwards motion through the infinite void of space. In Flat Earth Theory this is called: The Obligate Tendency Toward Downwards Motion. All things fall. Its a simple fact, as obvious as 2+2=4. There is no need to describe the physics of our planet in terms of convoluted Newtonian laws. Gravitation does not exist: but the universal tendency to fall does. A concept as obvious as simple math, there is no need (and no possibility) to explain it. Indeed, a concept for which no causal antecedent exists cannot be explained.

The Obligate Tendency Toward Downwards Motion is a fundamental part of the universe, one that acts alongside the Universal Accelerator to produce the observed effects of gravity.  Simply put, we stay “glued” to the earth due to the proportionately opposing forces of the UA and Obligate Tendency. When something is unsuspended, it begins to fall due to the Obligate Tendency. The Flat Earth moves up into it, creating the illusory effect of gravity.

Before you laugh at the idea of “down” existing space, stop and think about why you believe there would NOT be a downward direction in space. If the universe is finite, then it must of necessity have a definite limit where “something” ends and “nothing” begins. As a three dimensional space (even if it is expanding like science claims) the universe will always exists as a finite enclosed space, with real boundaries. Within such a space, “down” would obviously exist. It would be absurd for it not to. This shows that the Obligate Tendency is not only consistent with what is directly observed, but with what is generally inferred about the universe as well.

As always, Flat Earth Theory is as strong as ever…


5 thoughts on “Flat Earth Principles: The Obligate Tendency Towards Downward Motion

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