Question: If Earth Is Flat, Where Is The Edge? Why Has No One Made It There to Take Pictures?


The edge is composed of ice and tundra. It encircles the disk and holds the oceans in. It is what sphereists call “the south pole” or the Antarctic “continent”. So why hasn’t anyone been to the edge? You have to remember that atmosphere functions differently on a Flat earth. Earth is not a ball that that magically glues people and atmospheric gases to its surface. The ring of tundra and ice that encircles the earth extends outward for many thousands of miles. Before you can even “see” the edge, oxygen levels become less than those at the summit of Mt. Everest. Any attempts to reach the edge would necessarily end in tragedy.

Well, why don’t we just fly there or send a probe? Good question. Just as oxygen and temperature decrease the closer you get to the edge, the interaction of earth’s atmosphere mixing with the atmosphere of space (yes, space probably has an atmosphere of some sort) causes violent winds that would make any such attempt futile. Of course, perhaps the government has “seen” the edge. But it is doubtful we would ever hear about it given the 18 billion dollar budget NASA regularly receives and that fills the pockets of an elite few.

5 thoughts on “Question: If Earth Is Flat, Where Is The Edge? Why Has No One Made It There to Take Pictures?

  1. Almost one year ago I visited the Antarctic peninsula by cruise ship. As an outdoorsmen I enjoyed kayaking and observing diverse wildlife. I traveleled in December, one of the warmer months (although still quite frigid).
    I first learned of FET after my return, when a friend called not to ask about my experience but inform me of a group who would likely deny the possibility of my travel.

    I experienced 20+ hours of sunlight per day.
    According to your theory, the sun hovers above and rotates in a circle, how could this be possible?

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  2. Why ya believe that the edge, the air itself is thinner, that would imply that you are farther above, so not farther east or west. So, lower air depends on different layer on earth, so above layer, the pressure is less, than bottom, so if it is still cold, so no reason to have lower pressure, but still high pressure but cold. So, there is 4 different combine of air, cold but pressure or not, hot but pressure or not. And it is dangerous that we can’t go there. It is just dangerous because of cold that is all, even it is cold and lower pressure, we can go there in pressure suit but it would be higher level of layer on earth.


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