Flat Earth Resources

Here Are Some Offsite Resources Helpful for Researching Intuitively Based Flat Earth Knowledge

The Flat Earth Wiki: A Great Place or The Curious

100 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Globe: Also By The Flat Earth Wiki

A Series of Short but Engaging Videos By Youtuber “Know The Truth”

The Seminal Work “Zetetic Astronomy” by Samuel Rowbotham (Free Pdf)

200 Proofs The Earth is Not A Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay

2 thoughts on “Flat Earth Resources

  1. Hi.i am a six greater in Utaaah pubic school. I found you site and become verry intested in FET. I show my six greater scool phyence teacher and tell her she crazy too teach REF (round earth fact–just like evolusion is tout as fact insteed of therry ). Once shee see you information, shee tell class that shee been a fool to teech such tomfoollerry call REF. Shee go to scool bord and they vote to teech FET, now FEF, in scools. I so proudd to make change in world. Our presentdent Hillerry said if I try I can change world and she rite, I dit! I owes it all to you! You is mi hearro!! When I gragiate frum pubic scool, can I git a job with you? Got too go now, I has to studdy four a spealling test.
    Fighting Bee


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