Flat Earth Q&A

Compelling Answers to Common Flat Earth Questions

1. If Earth Is Flat, Where Is The Edge? Why Has No One Made It There to Take Pictures?

2. If Earth Is Flat How Do You Explain Lunar Phases And Lunar/Solar Eclipses?

3. If Gravity Doesn’t Exist, What Holds Us Down?

4. How Do Day/Night Cycles and Seasons Work On A Flat Earth?

5. How Thick Is The Flat Earth? What Is On The Bottom?

6. What Are The Surface Dimensions of The Flat Earth?

7. Why Would Earth Be Flat When All Other Planets Are Round?

8. How Does GPS Navigation Work On The Flat Earth?

9. How Does Circumnavigation Work On The Flat Earth?

10. What Is The Structure of The Flat Earth?

11. So How Does An “Orbit” Even Work In The Flat Earth Model?

12. Doesn’t Math Prove That The Earth Is Round?

3 thoughts on “Flat Earth Q&A

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  3. Hi! Thanks for the site, I love it! How does FTE explain celestial poles and the changing field of view of the night sky as one travels north-south? People near opposite poles see opposite sides of the sky, with a gradually changing field of view in between. The south celestial pole is visible from the southern hemisphere and northern celestial pole visible from the northern hemisphere. It seems a flat earth would be celestially unipolar with the same stars visible to everyone.


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