Empirical Observations Confirming Flat Earth Theory

Flat Earth Flight Times and Transversal Resonance (TR)

Flat Earth and Comets

Proof Behind The Sun: Flat Earth Sunsets

Exploring The Coriolis Effect, A Phenomena Believed to Support Round Earth

Flat Earth Principles: The Obligate Tendency Towards Downward Motion

Flat Earth Flight Patterns

Perihelion and Aphelion: The Great Round Earth Paradox

3 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. If you truly believe this why don’t you go to anartica and measure at what point the atmosphere becomes unhabitable. Show the world and let people see how far into this “unknowable”edge we can go. You are trying to overturn 2000 years of human progress and you can’t be bothered to take a trip. And yes you can go there .

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    • Thanks for the response, thats a good question. Unfortunately, Antarctic outposts are all run by major world governments. They are staffed with the world’s premier scientists. While I am not suggesting that all researchers that go to the arctic are involved in the massive lie surrounding nasa (they could go there and be perfectly ignorant of any foul play on the part of the government), the institutions they work for ultimately have a reputation to maintain, and secrets to keep. Flat Earth Theorists such as myself cannot simply drive to Antarctica as we can drive to Alaska. Any attempted research would need to proceed through government channels. Also, even if these barriers were not in place and someone set out in search of the non-habital point, worsening conditions would make even reaching that point a feat in and of itself.

      If you dont mind, I would like to ask you a question: why do you think that the information the government feeds us can be trusted in any way? No one really “explores” Antarctica. They travel there and live in isolated stations. Few have ever undertaken actual expeditions across what is believed to be the continent. They could very well be living on what is the ice ring.


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